Currently focused on creating rich and powerful web applications for end users
Experienced with various web and windows technologies and frameworks
  • extensive use with .net web forms in both and c#
  • knowledgable in common design patterns including MVC and MVVM
  • comfortably familiar with technologies and frameworks involving HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (incl. jQuery)
Managed and administered various servers including IIS 6, IIS 7, and SQL Server 2005-2012
Designed web sites and applications using powerful tools including adobe creative suite and microsoft's various visual studio tools
employed as a web developer and designer at CQNetwork

key roles in design and development of the entire suite of applications offered by CQNetwork

  • website design (including layout, graphical designs)
  • helped develop and refine user experiences in web applications
  • responsible for designing and developing system software architecture with emphasis on service orientated system
  • database design and development required to fulfill application requirements
  • server management and administration

designed and developed websites for various businesses including: